ARK Energy Collaborates with Sheffield, UK to Introduce Smart Energy Management Network

ARK Energy is pleased to announce its collaboration with Sheffield, UK, to introduce a Smart Energy Management Network integrated with a 60kW Chademo and 22kW integrated AC/DC charging stations and Energy Storage System (ESS). This system will provide efficient energy management and charging services for the Sheffield area.

As a leading energy solutions provider, ARK Energy specializes in products including electric vehicle charging stations, power quality products, and energy storage equipment. The collaboration with Sheffield marks a significant advancement for ARK Energy in the field of smart energy management, offering a more intelligent and efficient solution for the energy system in Sheffield.

The introduction of this Smart Energy Management Network will bring multiple benefits to the residents and businesses of Sheffield. Firstly, it will enhance energy utilization efficiency by integrating and optimizing energy storage systems for more effective management of electricity. Secondly, the smart management features of the charging stations will make the charging process more flexible and convenient. Additionally, this system will contribute positively to Sheffield's energy transition, promoting sustainable development and the establishment of a low-carbon economy.

ARK Energy looks forward to achieving further success in collaboration with Sheffield and remains committed to providing innovative energy solutions for customers worldwide.


60kW Chademo & 22kW