ARK Introduces 120kW DC Fast EV Chargers at French Parking Lots

ARK, a leading energy company known for its electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, power quality products, and energy storage systems, is proud to announce its latest project in France. ARK will install 120kW DC fast EV chargers in parking lots across the country, advancing France's electric vehicle infrastructure.

The new chargers feature a triple outlet configuration: dual CCS (Combined Charging System) outlets and an AC Type-2 outlet. This setup ensures compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles, providing flexible and efficient charging options for EV users in France.

As the French government pushes for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, ARKs initiative aligns perfectly with the national strategy to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable transportation. France aims to have 100,000 public charging points by the end of 2024, and ARKs high-capacity chargers will play a significant role in achieving this target.