ARK Energy Deploys Charging Equipment at Environmental Ministry Parking Lot in Bucharest, Romania, Offering Fast Charging Services to Public Users

ARK Energy is pleased to announce the successful installation of multiple charging stations at the parking lot of the Environmental Ministry in Bucharest, Romania. These stations include a 60kW CCS Chademo and a 22kW AC Type-2 integrated electric vehicle charging station, providing fast charging services to the public.

As a leading company dedicated to providing energy solutions, ARK Energy's products cover areas such as electric vehicle charging stations, power quality products, and energy storage equipment. The deployment of charging equipment at the Environmental Ministry parking lot in Bucharest, Romania, aims to offer a more convenient and efficient charging experience for public users driving electric vehicles, while also promoting sustainable transportation.

The installation of these charging stations aligns with the efforts of the Romanian government's Environmental Ministry to promote green energy and sustainable development. By providing convenient charging facilities, the government encourages more residents to choose environmentally friendly modes of transportation, reducing dependence on traditional energy sources and promoting environmental protection and climate change mitigation.

60kW CCS Chademo & 22kW AC Type-2