ARK Supplies 150kW Fast DC Charger to Romanian Customer

ARK is a leading energy company specializing in EV charging stations, power quality-related products, and energy storage devices. Committed to delivering exceptional energy solutions through innovative technology and high-quality products, ARK aims to promote a green and sustainable future worldwide.

In this project, ARK supplied an advanced 150kW fast DC charger to a Romanian customer. This charger integrates 150kW CCS, CHAdeMO, and 22kW AC type-2 triple outlets, catering to the charging needs of various EV users.

The customer chose to install this charging equipment next to the Auchan supermarket to enhance charging convenience for EV users in the area. The charger provided by ARK is characterized by its efficiency and reliability, capable of delivering ample power to EVs in a short period.

ARK supplied the required charging equipment and assisted the customer with technical guidance and installation training. Ultimately, the Romanian customer successfully completed the installation, and the equipment is now operational.

The successful implementation of this project not only improved the service level in the area surrounding Auchan Supermarket but also demonstrated ARK's technical expertise and customer support capabilities in the EV charging field. The customer expressed high satisfaction with the equipment's performance and ease of use, further solidifying the partnership between the two parties.

Through this collaboration, ARK has proven its leading position in the EV charging infrastructure sector. The company will continue to deliver efficient and innovative energy solutions to customers worldwide, fostering the sustainable development of the new energy industry.