Who We Are

The Ark Tech team has a great vision to provide you with stable and reliable EV charging solution and service.

With extensive experience and knowledge, we offer you the most professional and practical project guidance.

Our products have passed various application scenarios and laboratory standard tests. 
You can buy our charging station products without any concerns and receive our professional service support.

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We have over 10 years of industry accumulation and sales of thousands of charging stations

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During R&D, the product is repeatedly and rigorously tested to ensure that it delivers with a longer product life cycle.

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The innovative introduction of multi-standard charging and cable balancing devices improves customer experience.



Nanjing Ark Tech Co., Ltd. team was founded in 2016 to provide overseas EV charger sales and management system support service.


In 2017, Ark Tech team improved the global DC charger product series and released multi-standard DC charger models that conform to European CCS Combo-2, North American CCS combo-1 and Japanese CHAdeMo.


Till 2018, we have been cooperating with overseas charging service operators, car rental & power for sales service companies.


In 2019, we obtained the industrial certifications for DC chargers, meeting the industry's safety requirements and confirming the reliability of our product. In the same year, AC charger products were released, which are suitable for domestic and commercial use. Improve the Ark's charging solution product line.


In the coming 2020, we will be more committed to improving the product line, implementing the North American certification of DC charger, and expanding the North American market.

Our Goal

To provide easy and convenient guarantee for electric vehicle travel
Since our team was founded in 2016, we have always been committing to the issue of convenient charging. We hope to provide the best performance charging solution for electric vehicle owners around the world and provide easy and convenient guarantee for electric vehicle travel.
With our team's deep experience in electric vehicle charging solutions, we can provide global full-standard AC and DC EV charging solutions and cloud management platform. We have the ability to provide our global customers with reliable and compatible EV charging equipment solutions and a management system that allows electric vehicles to access charging equipment easily.
To provide easy and convenient guarantee for electric vehicle travel, we will always be on the road!

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