ARK Energy Installs 30kW CCS and CHAdeMO Wall-Mounted DC Fast Charging Stations for Company Parking Lot in Hamburg, Germany

ARK Energy is pleased to announce the successful installation of multiple 30kW CCS and CHAdeMO wall-mounted DC fast charging stations at a company parking lot in Hamburg, Germany, providing convenient charging services for employees.

As a company committed to providing comprehensive energy solutions, ARK Energy's products cover areas such as electric vehicle charging stations, power quality products, and energy storage equipment. With the popularity of electric vehicles, the demand for charging facilities in the German automotive market continues to grow. Particularly in city centers and commercial areas, there is an urgent need for convenient charging facilities to meet the increasing demand for electric vehicle charging from both employees and residents.

The installation of 30kW CCS and CHAdeMO wall-mounted DC fast charging stations in the Hamburg company parking lot will provide convenient charging options for employees, supporting the development of sustainable commuting within the company. This also demonstrates ARK Energy's proactive response to market demand and its commitment to providing customized energy solutions for customers.