ARK Energy Collaborates with California to Introduce 30kW CHAdeMO Wall-Mounted DC Charging Stations

ARK Energy announced today its collaboration with a charging operator in California to successfully deploy multiple 30kW CHAdeMO wall-mounted DC charging stations, providing convenient charging services for local vehicles.

As a leading energy company, ARK is dedicated to providing comprehensive energy solutions, including electric vehicle charging facilities, power quality products, and energy storage equipment. This collaboration will offer faster and more convenient charging experiences for electric vehicle users in California.

California is one of the leaders in the United States' electric vehicle market, with a well-developed charging infrastructure network. According to industry data, California boasts a significant number of electric vehicle owners, and the government has been actively supporting the promotion of electric vehicles and the construction of charging facilities. ARK Energy's collaboration with California will further enhance the state's charging infrastructure and provide more convenient and efficient charging services for electric vehicle users statewide.