Ark Technology assists Romanian charging service provider to successfully establish charging stations


In the rapidly developing electric vehicle market, the construction and performance of charging facilities are crucial. A Romanian charging service provider recognized the potential of the market but encountered challenges in building charging stations. They needed a reliable partner to provide advanced charging equipment and ensure smooth operation and reliability of charging stations.


The charging service provider enlisted the help of Ark Technology Ltd. As a leading energy company, Ark has rich experience and advanced technology to provide customers with one-stop services. After in-depth communication with customers, Ark provided them with comprehensive solutions.

First of all, Ark designed a customized charging station solution based on customer needs. The solution includes the installation of a 60kW charging station with CCS + CHAdeMO + 22kW AC Type-2 plug to meet the charging needs of different types of electric vehicles. Subsequently, the Ark team carried out precise layout and installation of the charging station to ensure the efficient operation and stability of the equipment.


After careful planning and coordination by the Ark team, the charging station was successfully built and put into use. Customers are very satisfied with the one-stop service provided by Ark and speak highly of our professionalism and service quality. They particularly emphasized our flexibility and responsiveness during project implementation, as well as our in-depth understanding and grasp of technical details.

Customer satisfaction is not only reflected in verbal praise, but also in their confidence in future cooperation. Based on this successful cooperation experience, customers have expressed their willingness to conduct more in-depth cooperation with Ark, including cooperation plans to expand the scale of charging stations and introduce more advanced technologies.


Ark Technology Co., Ltd., with its professional technical strength and excellent service level, successfully assisted the Romanian charging service provider to establish an advanced charging station. This cooperation not only provides customers with reliable charging solutions, but also further consolidates Ark’s leading position in the energy industry. We look forward to more in-depth cooperation with customers in the field of electric vehicle charging in the future to jointly promote the development of sustainable energy.



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