ARK Supplies 60kW Fast DC Charger to EV Charging Station in the Czech Republic

ARK is a leading energy company specializing in EV charging stations, power quality-related products, and energy storage devices. Committed to delivering exceptional energy solutions through innovative technology and high-quality products, ARK aims to promote a green and sustainable future worldwide.

The Czech Republic's electric vehicle market is rapidly developing, with both the government and private sectors actively promoting the construction of EV charging infrastructure to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles. In this context, charging station operators require efficient and reliable charging solutions to provide high-quality services and support market growth.

In this project, ARK supplied an advanced 60kW fast DC charger to an EV charging station in the Czech Republic. This charger integrates 60kW CCS-2, CHAdeMO, and AC type-2 triple outlets, catering to the charging needs of various EV users.

The customer chose to install this charging equipment at their station to enhance charging convenience for local EV users and promote the development of local charging infrastructure. The charger provided by ARK is characterized by its efficiency and reliability, capable of delivering ample power to EVs in a short period.


ARK not only supplied the required charging equipment but also managed the entire installation process, providing detailed technical guidance and training to the customer. During this process, ARK helped the customer resolve multiple technical and operational issues, ensuring the smooth installation and operation of the charger.

The successful implementation of this project not only improved the service level of the charging station but also demonstrated ARK's technical expertise and customer support capabilities in the EV charging field. The customer expressed high satisfaction with the equipment's performance and ease of use, and appreciated ARK's professional support and problem-solving abilities, further solidifying the partnership between the two parties.

The customer stated that ARK's professional service and technical support played a crucial role during the project implementation, helping them overcome many technical challenges. The pleasant cooperation has laid a solid foundation for more collaborations in the future.