Click Here To Check Your Home Ev Charger

Click Here To Check Your Home Ev Charger

2022-09-29 10:45


AKEV7 Pro is ARK’s new generation AC charging station to supply electricity to an EV. It has compact and modern design for your home and company charging use. The EVSE can connect to the internet via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can operate and monitor the charging remotely on your mobile phone.

Product highlights
1 IEC 62196 Type-2 socket outlet, compliant with EU charging standards to supply electricity to an EV
2 The 3-color lit LED light strip allows users to quickly check the charging status
3 Mobile operation interface provides users the convenience of remote operation and real-time charging status reminders
4 Charging current and charging delay configuration makes charging adjustable for various situations
5 ABS+PC enclosure ensures the durability and meet the long-term indoor and outdoor use
6 It offers wall-mounted and pedestal-mounted options which make it suitable for various installation scenarios
7 CE certified by TÜV ensures stability and security for long term use.





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