Related Cases

Successful Deployment of ARK Charging Station for Singaporean Company

Singapore Electric Solutions Co., Ltd., a Singaporean energy company, sought a reliable charging station supplier to meet the needs of their employees and clients. They required a dependable and efficient charging station to provide convenient charging services within their premises.

ARK Energy Installs 30kW CCS and CHAdeMO Wall-Mounted DC Fast Charging Stations for Company Parking Lot in Hamburg, Germany

30kW CCS & CHAdeMO Wallbox DC fast EV charger at Hamburg to be installed at commercials for employee charging service.

ARK Energy Deploys Charging Equipment at Environmental Ministry Parking Lot in Bucharest, Romania, Offering Fast Charging Services to Public Users

60kW CCS & Chademo & 22kW AC Type-2 integrated EV Charger at Bucharest Romania to provide charging service.

ARK Energy Collaborates with Sheffield, UK to Introduce Smart Energy Management Network

60kW Chademo & 22kW AC Type-2 EV Charger at UK Sheffield to integrate with Energy Storage System (ESS) and implement an intelligent energy management network.