AKEV intelligent AC charger releasing



On January 10, 2020, Ark AKEV series AC charger were officially released. This time, the AKEV series has a variety of networking methods, and the characteristics of connecting to the global EV charging platform through the OCPP protocol. It fills the gap of Ark in the field of AC charger. Make Ark truly a one-stop charging station solution provider that customers can trust.

Related Cases

Successful Deployment of ARK Charging Station for Singaporean Company

Singapore Electric Solutions Co., Ltd., a Singaporean energy company, sought a reliable charging station supplier to meet the needs of their employees and clients. They required a dependable and efficient charging station to provide convenient charging services within their premises.

Hamburg Germany

30kW CCS & CHAdeMO Wallbox DC fast EV charger at Hamburg to be installed at commercials for employee charging service.

Bucharest Romania

60kW CCS & Chademo & 22kW AC Type-2 integrated EV Charger at Bucharest Romania to provide charging service.

California USA

30kW CHAdeMO Wallbox DC fast EV charger at California to partner with an American charging operator and install a dozen units along freeway.