AKEV7 Pro - AC EV Charger
AKEV7 AC charger comes up with slim design. IEC 61851 Type-2 and SAE J1772 Type-1 compliance, 7kW 32A single connector output, plug and play features make it very suitable for home charging.
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AKEV22 - AC EV Charger
AKEV22 AC charger comes up with modern design for commercial and public charging. Embedded with RFID, Ethernet and LTE features makes it very suitable for mall and company charging applications. Compliant with OCPP 1.6J protocol enables it to be connected and operated with global EV charging management platform.
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G160 - DC EV Charger
The eFelx DC fast charging station is a dual DC outlets (CHAdeMO and CCS) 60 to 120kW (up to 160kW) fast charger with an optional Type-2 AC output up to 22kW that can be configured to meet different charging needs of both European and North American customers. It supports all three connectors charging simultaneously and balancer reel for advanced cable management.
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G40 - DC EV Charger
eFlex 40kW DC charger is the top choice for charging electric vehicles today. It is designed for quick charging in both commercial and private locations, such as retail and mall parking spaces, fleet charging stations, highway service areas, workplaces, residences, etc.
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EV Charging Module
Ark EV DC charging modules are specially developed for the electric vehicle DC fast charge. With the high frequency switch technology and MOSFET/SiC application, realize the excellent performance, high power density, expansion ability and low cost. They are compatible with the CCS & CHAdeMO & GB/T charging standards. The charging modules can be fully controlled and monitored by CAN-BUS interface.
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EV Charging Connector
On the basis of continuous improvement of overseas standard charging stations, Ark also constantly improve its own accessories product line. Now a new EV AC charging connector & cable series that meet the European CE standard has been added to the existing product line to meet the one-stop purchasing needs of customers, that is, the main products needed for all e-mobility projects can be found in one place. Make Ark the truly preferred turnkey solution supplier for global customers.
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Charging Management Platform
Ark provides own EV charging management system, allowing customers to get one-stop software and hardware solutions for charging stations. The system complies with OCPP protocol and has the excellent features of SaaS modularity, which is convenient for customization according to different customer needs, and enables more functional choices to meet various application scenarios.
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