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Ark 2020-05-31

Ark selected as the designated charging station supplier of Guatemala

Ark has been committing to providing stable and reliable electric vehicle charging solutions for global customers. With years of experience in the market, professional technology and high-quality service, Ark has been successfully designated as the equipment supplier of the Guatemala national charging station project and provides 120kW DC fast charging equipment with excellent quality. This 120kW charger is compatible with the three global charging standards of CCS, CHAdeMO and GB/T. International cooperation, holding hands with famous enterprises in the industrial chain, participating in national projects, quality is guaranteed, and professional services are the basis. In order to promote the development of the global E-mobility, Ark has always been on the road.  
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Ark 2020-04-30

Ark signed strategic cooperation agreement with Thai railway company

In April 2020, Ark and the Thai Railway Construction Company formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will carry out comprehensive cooperation on the marketing and after-sales service of charging stations in Thailand. In view of the complementary advantages of the two parties in the field of charging station, the signing of this agreement has formed a strong joint situation. We Ark are confident to bring complete and reliable charging station products and services to the Thai market.
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Ark 2020-05-30

Ark and Australia centennial electric group reached strategic partnership

In May 2020, Ark and Australia centennial electric group formally reached a strategic partnership. The former is committed to providing stable and reliable charging station solutions, and the latter has strong electrical industry accumulation and localized service capabilities. The two parties have joined forces to complement each other's strengths and will launch comprehensive cooperation on the marketing and after-sales service of charging stations in Australia.  
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